Your Standards. Your Way.
Rello brings us back to what really matters: connecting to those around us, without the distraction of the Internet.

Rello allows you to choose the features you like – whether that’s talk, text, or picture messaging – and communicate your way. The Rello SIM from ‘Connekt Network’ is compatible with virtually all Verizon phones and is the quick, simple, and Internet-free solution to your needs.

Simply insert the Rello SIM into your phone and get started!

Double Protection double trust

If you’d like to fully remove all Internet capabilities from your phone, including WIFI, simply bring it to one of our authorized dealers and ask them to install our proprietary internet & WiFi-blocking software.*This software will block all Internet usage on the phone, but will allow text and picture messaging.

*This software is available for the Kyocera Cadence and LG VN220 phones.


Your phone plan should work with you, and for you. Discover yours today.

Monthly Plans

500 Min Talk & Unlimited Text

$19.99* / month

Unlimited Talk & Text With / Without Picture Messaging

$28.99* / month

Yearly Plans

2,000 Minutes Talk & Unlimited Text Without Picture Messaging

$74.99* / month

2,000 Minutes Talk & Unlimited Text With Picture Messaging

$99.99* / month

* Plus applicable fees

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