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Only with the all-new Connekt International service—the easiest way to call Canada, UK, and Israel from any Connekt phone.

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What is Connekt International?

We’ve made calling overseas easier and cheaper for our kosher phone clients. With an innovative tech update and flexible rates, you can call globally with almost-local pricing—-only from Connekt.

How Does It Work?

Meet the Connekt Dialer, our exclusive long-distance calling app—available on your Connekt, Approved Link, or Rello phone. To call an international number, you simply choose the Connekt Dialer app from the main menu, and call from your contacts, history, or key pad. Simple as that.

*Applicable to Kyocera and LG phones with the new Connekt software.

Connekt International

Plans & Rates


Per Month
Canada, Israel, UK
Per Month

All plans include landlines and cellphones as well. Your International rate is an optional addition to your monthly Connekt plan, and will automatically renew each month.


For flexible calling, you can purchase international calling credit in $10 or $20 increments, and place your call through on a per minute rate.

For easy purchasing and to review your credit, simply use the Connekt 24hr automated system at 866-4444-5404.
Credits won’t expire as long as your line is active, and can be used for routine or occasional calls to over 200 countries worldwide.

Please note, all international calls use your general monthly Connekt minutes.
A user can subscribe to both plans or either plans as needed

Please see terms and conditions for full terms.

Selected Rates
Land lineCell
South Africa0.060.14
United Kingdom0.010.05

Land lineCell

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