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To help people truly connect with one another

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About Connekt

It’s a modern world out there, but for all our advancements, one thing is slipping away fast: human connection. True human connection—not the remote methods of communication that have sprung up like wildflowers. Between social media, email, and texts, we hardly ever talk to one another anymore. The next generation has practically lost the ability altogether.

Connekt is here to restore what modern technology has taken away. We offer top-quality phone service that keeps consumers’ attention where it should be: on the person at the other end of the line. Whether you’re seeking to simplify your life or to keep your kids safe from potential pitfalls, you can find the solution that’s right for you among our product selection and plans.

Do the basics, and do them right. Approved Link is the A-Z solution for your phone and cell plan needs. With crisp audio, high speed, and noise-canceling technology, Approved Link will get you connected in the most direct way.

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Tailor your phone plan to your communication needs. Equipped with texting and picture messaging functionality, a Rello SIM adapts to fit your lifestyle.

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